Principal's Message


Education is a universal ingredient of all human culture. The years that you spend in school are not just about class rooms, library and laboratories. Children devote considerable time to co-curricular activities and other enrichment activities. The school extends the opportunities to participate in a wide variety of student related activities, Sports and games, exhibitions and other competitions.

Such participation is a privilege that carries responsibilities with it. These experiences develop student’s physical, mental, social and emotional strength. Their interest and   curiosity to collect information in all spheres of knowledge is inculcated.

Student’s aim to achieve academic excellence acquire competent skills like linguistic, mathematical, artistic, physical and social. All these prepare the students to face the challenges of life.

    For all endeavors of the Vidyalaya, I owe my gratitude to the teachers, students, KVS authorities & VMC. I congratulate and wish a bright future of the students.



Ms. Vrunda D. Chouthai